Praise Indeed

8 Feb

As Dolly herself said, “These guys are good!” now that is praise indeed, hmm


Bird Food

8 Feb

Why is it the nuts you feed brids always look so appetizing? On the back of the packet, not for human consumption, oh what the heck *cough* that will teach me.

Dog Lead

8 Feb

Dog lead (leash) broke last night. I swear I saw him (the dog of course) looking at it in discust the other day, somehow he has managed to sabotage it, naughty boy. Got his own way, again.

Magic Thermosat

8 Feb

Hey, I have a magic thermostat. Everytime I turn it down it somehow manages to turn itself up again. Aparently no one in the house has touched it.

Birthday Card

8 Feb

Love it when you get a birthday card and the person who gave it to you was in a rush. Spelling mistakes and spit all over the envelope. Why bother?!

Dog Staring

8 Feb

Dog staring me out again, lets see who will break first….its a struggle, my eyes are stinging….and….. I win!

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